08 January 2020

We recognise that taking a break is important, so our social media team have provided you with 10 tips on how to take a break from all things digital in order to improve productivity over the holiday and exam period.

Here are our '10 Days of #UEL10DigitalDetox' - 10 tips for doing a digital detox to improve your mental health.

Day 1 - Don't take your phone to bed

Mindless screen-scrolling for hours can be harmful when it comes to getting good quality sleep. Try putting your phone in a separate room or in a specific place that's not easy to access once you're in bed.

Day 2 -  Text, call, FaceTime friends and family to connect

Hearing the voices of loved ones on the phone will help you be more present and have meaningful conversations.

Day 3 -  Go for a short walk in the park or take a hike

Go for a short walk in the park or do a hike by yourself or with your loves ones. You can do this on a budget – there are lots of green spaces in London, or buy a student railcard to get up to 1/3 off train fares. Walking for just 10 minutes a day can improve your mental and physical health.

Day 4 -  Read a book

Read a book that's been on your list or pull out an old favourite. Whether it's a new book or one you're rereading it will help you feel refreshed and refocused.

Day 5 -  Turn off push notifications

Turn off push notifications on your phone. After a notification has forced us to switch between tasks, it can take about 23 minutes to get back to what you were originally doing. By muting your apps you will find lost time for completing tasks and find extra time for other activities.

Day 6 -  Use your screen time on your phone to track your social media app usage

Use your screen time on your phone to track your social media app usage. Gain self-awareness about your phone usage habits to manage your time better.

Day 7 -  Change your perspective about social media

Use your time on social media as a reward for completing other offline activities like having breakfast or getting some exercise.

Day 8 -  Use apps to limit your time on social media

Set aside time for checking social media every day - and set a timer. You can use apps like Moment to help. If you cut down your social media use to 30 minutes per day, you may feel better and less lonely.

Day 9 -  Have an accountability buddy and create consequences if you lapse

Telling people about your new social media limits will help you hold yourself accountable for your social media usage. It's easier and more fun to have a buddy to do this with. Create consequences that help you to stick to your goal.

Day 10 -  Make a plan!

Be a tourist in your own town. Try new and old things you're passionate about. Enjoy yourself!

Try the #UEL10Digital Detox now or tailor it to fit your schedule throughout the year.

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