Have you ever wondered what behavioural resources a leader needs to demonstrate to bring the best out of themselves and of others? And we don’t just mean charisma, we mean what are the evidence-based human behaviours that we now know support individual leaders and their teams to optimally function? To be their most engaged and effective in both wellbeing and performance?

Cornelia Lucey and Jolanta Burke have been wondering about this for years, and two years ago, at the start of the pandemic, and as leaders and their organisations were looking at how to handle enormous change, they decided to research and reflect on years of organisational practice and talk to leaders in their field to find out more in response to our question: what are the evidence-based human behaviours. resources, that we now know support individual leaders and their teams to be at their best?

This webinar, run by the UEL Wellbeing and Psychological Services Clinic (WPS Clinic), will introduce you to this latest research in Positive Leadership that brings many answers to these questions together.

The webinar will outline how Positive Leadership is not a style, it is a resource that all leaders can tap into to be more effective.

This webinar will introduce an ALIGHT model that guides leaders through six fundamental resources that can alight their own and their team's motivation, and transform their performance to an extraordinary level.

Cornelia will further break down the six resources into 18 core components, expand on what constitutes the six resources to make them tangible and accessible for practice.

Cornelia's book co-authored with Dr Jolanta Burke on Positive Leadership and due to be published in July highlights how Positive Leadership helps leaders become the best versions of themselves, achieve extraordinary results and help their team accomplish the same. Packed with research and practical advice from real-life positive leaders, the book offers an extensive look into both what high-performance leadership is, and how it can be achieved. The book also offers leaders the opportunity to self-assess their own levels of resources and levels of positive leadership through a questionnaire, as well as opportunities to reflect on how to further develop these levels of resources and positive leadership. Finally, the book signposts practical strategies to tap into on the back of their reflections to take action to become their best possible positive leader. Some of the key findings from the book will be shared at a high level in this webinar.

Cornelia Lucey FRSA is an award-winning Leadership Psychologist and Consultant; delivering transformational and bespoke positive psychology coaching and development programmes for large scale multinationals, charities, SMEs and start-ups. Her specialisms are in wellbeing, resilience and Positive Leadership and she has published research in all these fields. She also holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology Coaching from UEL. For more information, go to www.cornelialucey.com

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07 July 2022
6:00 - 7:00pm