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New Beginnings

Course summary

At UEL we believe people should be given the opportunity to succeed at university.  New Beginnings is a unique course that offers access to some degree programmes for mature people and those without formal qualifications.

There are three different routes: Regular (10 week course), Accelerated (5 week course) and Intensive (1 week course). Applicants are allocated to an appropriate course after an initial interview and entry test.  

The course is designed to accommodate busy schedules and is taught at the university’s modern campuses.  You will receive lots of support to help you succeed, including, support with academic writing, IT and library support as well as access to UEL’s excellent facilities. 

On successful completion of the New Beginnings course you will be able to progress onto some degrees at UEL, including, but not limited to, Business Management, Education Studies, Early Childhood Studies, Psychology, Accounting and Finance, Public Health, Sports, Film and Music.  See our course links to confirm if your choice of degree can be accessed through New Beginnings. 

Course fee: £200 (a means tested bursary to cover the course fee may be available to eligible students).

Contact Us

If you have an questions, please contact us on +44 (0) 20 8223 4354 or complete the enquiry form below

Grow degree-level skills

Develop your academic reading, writing and thinking skills in preparation for undergraduate study.

Kick-start your career

Develop your confidence and independence and transform your employability and career options.

Flexible learning

Fit your study in with your work and personal commitments and have access to UEL's extensive learning facilities and resources.


What you will learn

New Beginnings builds on the skills you have gained from work and life experiences to prepare you for studying a degree. You will also develop your academic skills, including how to:

  • be an effective learner
  • read analytically
  • think critically
  • research academic topics
  • write academic essays
  • use academic conventions to acknowledge sources of information
  • work in a group
  • deliver academic presentations.

Teaching and learning is achieved through lectures, tutorials, workshops, group activities, presentations, guided reading and writing tasks, independent and online learning. Sessions are held at the University’s modern campuses.  You will be fully supported throughout the course with lots of opportunities to use UEL’s facilities and support services.

On successful completion of the course and assessment you can progress to many of our undergraduate degrees (please see our course listings to see if your choice of degree can be accessed through New Beginnings). Subjects include:
Business Management Early Childhood Studies
Education Studies Psychology
Sports & Exercise Science Accounting & Finance
Psychosocial Studies                 Fashion Design
Public Health Music Performance & Production
*some students may be offered a foundation year.



“I found [the New Beginnings course] exuberating and full of excitement. Although I was overwhelmed with wellbeing challenges I felt welcome and supported by everyone at University of East London. The course became a comfort with each day I studied. I developed communication skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills, management skills, analytical skills, research skills, social skills, negotiation skills, presenting skills and punctuation skills.” 


“The New Beginnings course successfully gave me access to my undergraduate course. In addition, the course developed my critical thinking skills and improved my reading, writing, and speaking skills as well. This provided me with the confidence to take proactive steps to go on further. More importantly reflecting back to the New Beginnings course, the course most definitely allowed me to reach my full potential and prepared me to get the most out of my undergraduate course as I graduated with a First-Class honour’s degree.”


“It’s been a very interesting course, in all honesty. They teach you not just about university about how you work within university, what the environment’s like, what’s expected of you, what you can access to get support. It’s amazing. I think every student should do something like that before they go to university. I didn’t have the chance to go to university when I was younger so if the opportunity is there, I’m going to grab it with everything I can.”

Course duration and assessment

We consistently review our courses to ensure we are up-to-date with industry changes and requirements from our graduates. As a result, our modules are subject to change.

This course is delivered over 10 weeks, with set subjects covered each week. You will attend a 3-hour taught session per week with approximately 15-20 hours additional guided and independent study.

Courses start throughout the year.  Entry tests start 2 months before the course and you must be registered 2 weeks before the course starts. 

Upcoming start dates:

Start date: 21st April 2020 
Duration: 10 weeks, 3 hours once a week
Begin your degree: September 2020

Start date: 14th September 2020 
Duration: 10 weeks, 3 hours once a week
Begin your degree: September 2021

This course is delivered one day a week for 5 weeks from 10am to 5pm.  The classes are highly interactive and there are independent and guided tasks to complete each week in approximately 15 hours of home study.  

  • Start date:TBC
  • Duration: 5 weeks, 1 day a week
  • Begin your degree: September 2020

The course is delivered in one week from 10am to 5pm.  The classes are highly interactive with approximately 4 hours guided and independent learning each evening. 

  • Start date: TBC
  • Duration: 1 week (Monday to Friday)
  • Begin your degree: September 2020

How you'll be assessed

Regular entry (10 weeks): You will be assessed on two pieces of written work, a presentation and meeting the attendance and punctuality requirements.

Accelerated entry (5 weeks): Assessment is through a final exam, a presentation and meeting the attendance and punctuality requirements. 

Intensive entry (1 week): There is a final exam assessment, plus a presentation and very strict attendance and punctuality requirements. 

Entry requirements

Applicants can start New Beginnings after successful completion of an entry test. If you do not have, or are working towards, a qualification in English language and maths (GCSE grade C or above), or an equivalent level 2 qualification, you can still take an entry test and after passing enrol on the Regular New Beginnings course. You must have successfully completed your level 2 courses before starting your degree.

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