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Dr Bethany Rowan Morgan-Brett

Senior Lecturer

Psychosocial Studies, University of East London

I am a senior lecturer in Psychosocial studies, and have a PhD in Sociology from The University of Essex which was entitled 'Negotiating Midlife: Exploring the subjective experiences of ageing'. I specialise in the research areas of death, dying, ageing and the lifecourse. My current research project is called 'The Impossible Choice' in which I am exploring the experience of making decisions of care for and with older parents. I am also conducting an evaluation of a scheme involving the community engagement of care homes across Essex.


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    One strand of my research interests is looking at intergenerational relationships particularly between midlife children and their parents. I am interested in the practical, emotional and psychical effects witnessing the increasing agedness and death of parents has on those in midlife and how older people are cared for.

    The second strand of my current research is looking at secondary data sources to develop a sociology of the future. Specifically is about exploring how young people imagine and narrate their futures - particularly narratives around ageing and death- and what this might tell us about wider society.



    Module Leader for PS4003 Introduction to Psychosocial Studies
    Module Leader PS6000 Dissertation Supervisor
    I also lecture a module in Social Psychology at The University of Essex.
    I run the University of Essex Summer School course in Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods.