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Gordon Kerr

Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader BSc (Hons) Music Technology

    Gordon Kerr has a large body of published works as a music composer and producer. He also exhibits and receives commissioned works. Gordon had a successful twenty-five year career working within music industry as a composer, performer, and record producer, signed as a recording artist with major record companies such as Virgin and Sony BMG. He has also worked with as a host of independent labels as both an artist and music producer.

    LInk Tutor  LESOCO FdA Music Performance and Production


    A Subcultural Heritage. 

    Music as a mediator in the union of originating cultures and diversities. A specific interest in the formative early post punk independent music scene in Scotland and the subsequent progression into Rave culture. Commissioned works explore this area such as: “What’s it called Cumbernauld”,  “Sheer Height←→ Total Shite” and "Scheemie". Gordon works from an archive of audio and visual material, observer/participant recordings from the party and post party culture of the time.

    Gordon has an ongoing interest in education, with a history of creating intervention arts projects London wide, working with disenfranchised young people through community action research projects. He is currently working with Professor Andrew Ravenscroft on RadioActive, a ground-breaking research project based at UEL, RadioActive: Rethinking radio as radical pedagogy for inclusion, engagement and informal learning for social impact.


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    PA4304: Sound Design

    PA5307: Live Studio Production

    PA6302: Final Project 

    PA6012: Placement Supervision

    PhD Supervision: Psychoeducation, At-Risk Youth & Participatory Radio