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Dr Clare Jonas

Lecturer, School of Psychology

Cognition and Neuroscience

Dr Clare Jonas has been a lecturer in the School of Psychology since 2015. From 2013 to 2015 she was a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Psychology, and before that a teaching fellow at the University of St Andrews from 2011 to 2013. 

    Clare’s research interests are multisensory perception (including synaesthesia) and metaphorical and embodied cognition. 


    Clare’s research expertise is in two areas: multisensory perception and metaphorical and embodied cognition.
    In multisensory perception, she is interested in how the different senses interact with each other through crossmodal correspondences, how unusual perceptual states such as synaesthesia and blindness can impact the way in which the senses are integrated, and the broader cognitive and perceptual correlates of synaesthesia. In metaphorical and embodied cognition, she is interested in the impact of finger-counting on the development of mathematical skills and in how we use concrete metaphors to understand abstract concepts like number, time and emotion.
    Clare is a member of UEL’s Cognition and Neuroscience Research Group.


    • Senior Lecturer
      Mary Spiller


    Migraine in synesthetes and non-synesthetes: A prevalence study

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    Beyond visual imagery: How modality-specific is enhanced mental imagery in synesthesia?

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    Not all synesthetes are alike: Spatial versus visual dimensions of sequence-space synesthesia

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    Grapheme-colour synaesthesia improves detection of embedded shapes, but without pre-attentive ‘pop-out’of synaesthetic colour

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    Book Chapters Jonas, C.N., & Jarick, M. (2013). Synaesthesia, sequences and space. In J. Simner & E.M. Hubbard (Eds.), Oxford handbook of synaesthesia (pp. 123–149). Oxford: Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199603329.013.0007




    • Module co-leader (with Mary-Jane Budd) on the final year undergraduate project module.
    • Module leader on PY3002

    Teaching: Programmes

    BSc (Hons) Psychology
    MSc Psychology

    Teaching: Modules

    PY5102: Researching Psychological Worlds
    PY5202: Applications of Psychobiology, Individual Differences and Social Psychology
    PY7154: Qualitative Methods
    Co-module leader (with Mary-Jane Budd) on the final year undergraduate project module.


    Final-year undergraduate and MSc student projects