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High Performance Support

Our athlete centred programme is aimed at putting you in the best position to excel within your sport whilst studying at UEL. Find out more, below, about our comprehensive support offer and apply today.

Support Services

UEL's support programme allows a flexible approach in terms of allowing access to it's services. We take a holistic approach and our services are year round and uncapped, meaning a student can access as much support as they need. All members of the High Performance programme will receive:

  • Unlimited physiotherapy and sports massage
  • UKSCA-accredited strength and conditioning training and private access to scholar strength and conditioning facility Aqua East
  • Active Recovery and Yoga Sessions
  • Gold membership at SportsDock
  • One-to-one Performance Lifestyle support
  • TeamUEL Leisure and Gym Kit
  • Access to a range of sports science support, including: nutrition, psychology, physiology and biomechanics
  • Priority access to on-campus accommodation and the option to stay with other athletes on the programme

Exceptional applicants may also be eligible for financial support via a fee waiver or bursary. All applications are reviewed on a yearly basis and are based on performance/achievements.

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UEL has supported my dream to be a professional athlete and provided me with a pathway to excel outside of sports, its the foundation that all athletes need to succeed. 
Joe Ikhinmwin , MSc Sports Management Alumni and London Lions Captain
joe ikhinmwin

Dual Career Focused

UELSports, and the UEL High Performance Programme in particular, takes the dual career aspirations of its student-athletes very seriously. Those looking to excel in both sports and academics are afforded the best support and guidance, as well as academic flexibility, where required. They can take inspiration from the fact that the dual career support of alumni student-athletes has ensured they have excelled in their careers upon graduating; going on to compete professionally, represent their country and become the business leaders of the future.

In recognition of the suitability of UEL to support individuals with Dual Career aspirations, UEL became a TASS Dual Career Accredited Site in 2018

UEL has provided me with an opportunity to find a perfect balance between my academic studies and my sporting endeavours. The flexible timetabling along with the elite sporting support services has allowed me to be successful in the classroom as well as in the sporting arena. I owe to them an incalculable debt.

Youcef Zatat , MSc Strength & Conditioning Alumni and Team GB Athlete
Youcef Hero

Lifestyle & Personal Development Support

All High Performance Athletes also have access to one-to-one sessions with one of the UEL lifestyle practitioners, as well as a series of workshops run throughout the year. Lifestyle support features heavily in the High Performance Programme induction at the start of the academic year where all attendees get an introduction to the area and how it can help them balance their sporting, academic and life demands as they adjust to life at university and prepare for life after university.

Student-athletes can expect to received support and guidance around transitions, time management, workload balance, personal development, career development, and much more.

All High Performance Programme athletes are expected to complete at least 10 hours of ambassadorial work per year, which not only enables them to give back to the programme and the sporting community, but also allows them to develop a range of skills that will stand to them both later in their sporting careers, and in life after sport.

Student-athletes representative roles were also introduced in 2019, giving a select group of individuals the opportunity to help shape the High Performance Programme, and enhance the support available.

Student-athletes also encouraged to tap into the Workforce Development and Centre for Student Success support that is available to all UEL students, and prepare themselves for life after study/sport.

For me coming to UEL was the best decision because I found the perfect balance between sport and study, whilst being challenged on a daily basis.

Marie Prulhiere , Former sports scholar & UEL Tennis player
Marie Prulherie Tennis