Useful checklist for house-hunters!

Make sure your house can be a home

Make sure your house can be a home!

Looking for a new house can be stressful, and it’s easy to lose track of the big picture. While some of us have done this once a year for ages and have become pretty good at biting the bullet, the majority of us will get a little bit confused and may need a little bit of help.

This is what, a website created to provide online access to letting and property related services and specialising in student accommodation, found when they carried out an independent survey of 5,000 students currently studying in the UK in March 2012. According to these stats, 85% of students were unsure where to start when it came to house hunting and 80% had help from a parent or relative. They also found that 72% didn’t remember to ask about the Gas Safety Certificate or smoke alarms, and that 83% forget to check whether the taps in the bathrooms and kitchen worked or if the property was structurally sound.

The survey also found that 76% of students were concerned about the cost of the deposit and rent and over half thought that the average cost of monthly rent in the London area would cost over £1,000 a month. Yet the average cost of a deposit in London is just £800, with many student accommodations costing a lot less, even down to £300 and £400 if you are willing to share and venture out to zone 3… Keep that in mind!

This is where comes in. Their team has designed a handy print-out-and-keep checklist for house-hunting students. It covers all the essentials that you should consider when looking around potential new homes for the year, including rent and deposit costs and reminders to check fire alarms, alternative accesses and locks. Print a zillion copies of it and keep it on you when you visit a new place!

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