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The University has changed the way we organise our Schools, from September 2011 our Schools will be named:

  • The School of Arts and Digital Industries
  • The School of Law and Social Sciences
  • Cass School of Education and Communities
  • School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering
  • School of Health, Sport and Bioscience
  • School of Psychology
  • Royal Docks Business School
  • School of Combined Honours

Returning students won’t notice much of a change as you will largely be based in the same location and still studying the same programme. You will have seen this in the release of the timetables in late May. However, the new School Structure is designed to make courses and research opportunities we have on offer more visible to prospective students and employers. The changes mean that opportunities for cross-programme and cross-school development will be increased and access to equipment and facilities will be improved.

We changed the structure after consultation with students and staff last term – and students’ input in particular helped us to develop the structure laid out above. For example, students felt strongly that they wanted to keep Social Sciences in the title of any new School, so this was carried forward into the School of Law and Social Sciences. Social science courses will remain here at Docklands and Law provision will remain in it’s current base at Stratford.

We are aiming to become London’s number one university for Sport by 2015 and wanted to make our Sport programmes more visible, hence the change in title to School of Health, Sport and Bioscience. We recently cemented our reputation for sport by winning a British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) award for “most improved university for sport” this year and UEL have recently been profiled in an article in The Independent on its sport provision and work towards London 2012 [].

The proposal for the new of School of Arts and Digital Industries was received with enthusiasm and gained widespread support. Many people recognise the opportunities that it will create for sharing resources and highlighting our provision at a time when East London is at the heart of this arena – with the development of East London Tech City close by. The new School of Architecture and Computing and Engineering also received a positive response with the opportunity to increase collaboration in these areas. Our Social Work programmes are moving to our Stratford campus alongside our education programmes within the new Cass School of Education and Communities. This will bring our social work and youth work provision closer together, and will increase its visibility in alignment with the public sector. We have been working with these students to make sure that the transition is a smooth one. Schools which have not changed names include the School of Psychology, Royal Docks Business School and the School of Combined Honours.

We want to continue looking at the way our Schools work and making sure that they best support you in your studies. To find out how you can continue to make you voice heard see the following tips:


Frequently Asked Questions – Students about the Restructure

1. Why is the University changing its School structures?

The main reasons for the change are as follows:

* To match UEL's academic strengths with emerging opportunities in the market place
* To provide increasing employment opportunities for students
* To improve the university's links with international markets and regional and national partnership
* To better enable equal access to facilities and to a wider range of relevant academic expertise across the university for all students
* To bring together a number of related internal areas (such as cultural and creative industries, which are currently spread across more than one school) providing students with increased ability to combine related areas of study.

2. How will the new structures be different from the old School structures?

For the majority of students little will change, they will continue to study with the same lecturers, in the same places they do now. There will be visible name changes, the names of the Schools will change to as follows:

School of Arts and Digital Industries
School includes:

* From the School of Architecture and Visual Arts (AVA) : the fields of Digital Arts and Visual Communication; Fashion Textiles; Fine Art; Visual Theories; and the Extended Degree Level 0 (Foundation) in Architecture, Art and Design
* From the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS): the fields of Cultural Studies and Creative Industries; Media, Communications and Screen Studies; Performing Arts; and supported by the Multimedia Production Centre.
* From the School of Computing, IT and Engineering (CITE): some aspects of Digital Media and Multimedia; Music Technology; Computer Games Technologies; and Interactive Digital Media.
* Student Enquiry Desk (SED) now located on the Atrium by the blue stairwell in the East Building.

School of Law and Social Sciences
* School of Law and Social Sciences (rom HSS) brought together into one school.
* Law located at Stratford, Social Sciences located at Docklands (and continue to use the same Student Enquiry Desk (SED))

Cass School of Education and Communities
* Social Work (from HSS) joins the Cass School of Education in Stratford.
* Student Enquiry Desk (SED) for Social Work students is on the Ground floor in the Cass building on the Stratford Campus
* Relocation date for Social Work Staff: End July 2011

School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering
* Architecture (from AVA) joins up with Computing and Engineering Subjects (from CITE).
* Student Enquiry Desk (SED) for Architecture Students now located in East Building, Room EBG.29
* Environmental Research Group moving from Stratford (HABS) to Docklands to be part of School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering.

School of Health, Sport and Bioscience
* Name Change

School of Psychology
* No Change

Royal Docks Business School
* No Change

School of Combined Honours
* No Change

UEL International
* English Learning Centre (ELC) will now be located alongside the International office, and this overall service will be renamed UEL International
* ELC relocation to Docklands Date: Early July 2011

Social Work students will be moving campuses from Docklands to Stratford. We are working closely with these students to ensure that this move is as smooth as possible with as little impact as possible on their experience at UEL.

3. Who was consulted?

In early February, Professor John Joughin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, launched a questionnaire for consideration by the Academic Board, which resulted in the drafting of the Green Paper. This was then presented for university-wide consultation during March. During the four and a half weeks of the consultation period we:

* received over 160 written responses
* met with over 600 students and staff
* engaged in numerous consultation meetings, one-to-ones, all-staff and all-student Q&As, drop-in sessions and school-specific meetings.

4. I'm a social science student in the new School of Law and Social Sciences – will I now have to hand in my work in Duncan House?

No, social science students who are joining the School of Law and Social Sciences will continue to use the same Student Enquiry Desk. As a result of the review of Schools we are increasing staff available on the desk to support students. The School will operate across Duncan House and the Docklands Campus – law students will continue to largely study in Stratford with Social Science students studying at Docklands. Students will be able to make use of facilities on both sites, which will encourage opportunities for collaboration.

5. Will Architecture be moving into the East Building?

The Architecture facilities will remain in the current AVA building. By bringing together the areas of Architecture, Computing and Engineering we are seeking more collaboration on new projects and opportunities for staff and students. Architecture will benefit from this new relationship whilst maintaining its links with the creative subjects that will form part of the School of Arts and Digital Industries.

If you have any ideas or suggestions whilst we are making these changes please let us know by contacting

6. How does this affect the Students' Union?

The Vice Presidents have been reassigned to reflect the changes as follows:

* VP CASS & HAB becomes VP CASS & HSB (Health, Sports & Biosciences)
* VP AVA & CITE becomes VP ACE (Architecture, Computing & Engineering) & ADI (Arts & Digital Industries)
* VP Law & Psychology becomes VP LSS (Law & Social Sciences) & Psychology
* VP RDBS & HSS becomes VP Business & Combined Honours

SU Vice-Presidents roles are to represent your views to the University. Their contact details are available at:

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