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Here we will add the resources as we make them available. Only those resources which are underlined have links to the resource. Note that the supportDM online courses are developed using Xerte; we have zipped these modules in SCORM 2004 format for deploying in VLEs such as Moodle. You can also preview modules by following the links.

supportDM course

A blended learning course for those in (or expecting to be in) RDM support roles. Presentations, exercises and tasks, online learning modules, and notes on using the materials.

Module 1 About research data management

Module 2 Guidance and support for researchers

Module 3 Data management planning

Module 4 What data to keep, and why

  • supportDM Module 4 Xerte module in SCORM 2004 format
  • You can view the module here
  • supportDM Module 4 supporting materials - presentation, exercise, task, notes on using the material

Module 5 Cataloguing Data

Module 6 Sharing Data

Data Management for Geoinformatics

A short course on good data management for taught postgraduate students in geoinformatics and related data sciences. Four presentations suitable for classroom or personal use:

Managing your Research Data in Psychology

An introductory presentation on the issues of research data management in psychology . Students then studied five modules of the Research Data MANTRA course produced by the University of Edinburgh.


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