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UEL Bursary Card

What is the UEL Bursary Card?

The UEL Bursary Card is used as a method of accessing your bursary funds. If you’re a student who has joined since 2006/7, the UEL Bursary Card can help aid your studies by providing funds to purchase your study essentials. You can use your Bursary Card to purchase books, Oyster card top-ups, laptops and much more  by using either your funds (if you are an eligible undergraduate student) or your funds (if you are a postgraduate student).

Where can I use my Bursary Card?

You can use your Bursary Cards in John Smith’s, your campus bookshop, or online at either of John Smith’s websites:

www.jscampus.co.uk/uel for a full range of books or

www.ueldigital.co.uk for electronic items.

Who is eligible for the UEL Bursary Card?

All students are eligible for a free Bursary Card. You can get a Bursary Card even if you haven’t received a bursary.  This means that you, your parent/guardian or anyone that would like to support you in your studies can add money to your card to be used in the John Smith’s bookshop. Please ask staff for details.

How can I get my UEL Bursary Card?

During enrolment John Smith’s will be issuing Bursary Cards at the Docklands Campus, from the Royal Docks Business School Trading Floor. After enrolment you will also be able to get a Bursary Card from the John Smith’s bookshops at Docklands and Stratford. The shops are open 9am – 5.30pm (later for the first four weeks of the semester). You will need to bring along your UEL Student ID card.

Do I need to get a new Bursary Card each year?

You can use the same card over the duration of your studies. If you do not use your funds in one year, they will carry over into the next year. If you lose you Bursary Card you can obtain a replacement from John Smith’s (a charge will apply ).

What are the Terms and Conditions of the UEL Bursary Card?

  1. The security of the Bursary Card is the responsibility of the holder.
  2. If the card is lost or stolen please notify your Campus Bookshop as soon as possible.  A fee of £5 will be charged for replacement cards.
  3. Your card is protected using Chip and PIN security.  Never divulge your PIN or other personal details to anyone.
  4. Your Bursary Card can only be used up to the value of available funds in your Bursary Card Account. 
  5. Certain purchases cannot be made using your Bursary Card such as book tokens, food and drink, stamps and tobacco products. Exemptions may change and without notice.
  6. There is no minimum spend on the Bursary Card.

Where are the John Smith’s Bookshops?

Docklands Campus

The Atrium, East Building

University Way

London E16 2RD

Tel: 020 8223 7193

Email: ed@johnsmith.co.uk


Stratford Campus

Computer & Conference Centre

Water Lane


London E15 4LZ

Tel: 020 8223 4602

Email: es@johnsmith.co.uk  

 Bursary Card holders can also order online from John Smith’s. For a full range of books please visit www.jscampus.co.uk/uelFor a full range of electronic items please visit www.ueldigital.co.uk

Opening hours

We are open Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm

We extend our opening hours on Monday–Thursday to 6.30pm for the first four weeks of term

If you would like to discuss your Bursary Card, please call the Finance and Registry Help Team on 0208 223 7526


John Smith’s was voted Academic and Professional Chain Bookseller for 2012 – an award they have previously won 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2011. In addition, their bookshop at UEL Docklands was voted Bookshop of the year 2011.