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Students at UEL are provided with online support for their academic studies via a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). A VLE provides students with access to things like lecture notes, time-tables, a copy of the handbook etc.

We have now moved to a new VLE we call UEL Plus. This new and more sophisticated VLE is powered by Blackboard Learning System - Vista Enterprise.

Tutors may also use tools that enable you to discuss with peers online, send emails to peers on your module, do quizzes etc. It will depend on the tutor which tools are being used. The above serve as examples only.

Once you are enrolled at UEL you will automatically get access to any module that has a UELPlus or UEL Plus site.

Students and staff at UEL can access UELPlus and UEL Plus through the university portal, UEL Direct.

If you would like to find out more about UEL Plus, visit UEL's UEL Plus support pages.


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