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The School of Psychology has a long term reputation as a stimulating environment for Doctoral Research students studying for PhD and for Professional Doctorates in Clinical Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Educational and Child Psychology. Our school provides a high quality environment in which to study with high level expert supervision.

Support and Training

We are fully committed to supporting our students throughout their careers and support the UK concordat for the career development of researchers. Our PGR students have access to a wealth of research training support to supplement their skills.

Current and Recently Completed PhD Students

Current PhD Students
Student’s NameTitle of ResearchSupervisors
Booth, Paula The effects of water consumption on schoolchildren’s cognitive function and mood. Caroline Edmonds (DoS)
Lynne Dawkins
Derek Moore
Colahan, Matthew Understanding relationship satisfaction in long-term heterosexual intimacy: a phenomenological exploration into the interplay between discourse and experience. Aneta Tunariu (DoS)
Pippa Dell
Esme Burton
Edwards, Ceris An investigation into the effect of teacher mood and stress levels on the well-being and performance of school children Irvine Gersch (DoS)
Sharon Cahill
Fitzgerald, Ruth Coaching psychology in a Middle Eastern context: the impact, obstacles and possibilities Ho Chung Law (DoS)
Mark McDermott
Gokcen, Nesrin The conceptualisation, measurement, and modelling of ‘flourishing’ in Higher Education students. Elizabeth Attree (DoS)
Christine Dancey
Kate Hefferon
Hubbeling, Allerdienke Exploring differences in processing between conventional, moral, prudential and disgust problems. Chris Pawson (DoS)
Tom Dickins
Lee-Wilson, Pia The social constructedness of child neglect and multi-agency responses. Pippa Dell (DoS)
Aneta Tunariu
Ian Tucker
Lynch, Stephanie Further Research investigating the Cannabis-Psychosis link. John Turner (DoS)
Kirstie Soar
Lynne Dawkins
McKeown, Patrick How does ethnicity affect the treatment of people with mental health issues in police detention? Dave Harper (DoS)
Bipasha Ahmed
Corinne Squire
Rundle, Kirshen People who hear voices: their lived experiences of person-centred counselling. David Harper (DoS)
Gordon Jinks
Rowan Bayne
Wakui, Elley The role of perceptual load and attention on formats of representations in object recognition. Volker Thoma (DoS)
Melanie Vitkovitch
Ashok Jansari
Recent Completions
Student’s NameTitle of ResearchSupervisors
Cooper, Elisa Pronouncing printed words: investigating a semantic contribution to adult word reading. Melanie Vitkovitch (DoS)
Volker Thoma
Tom Dickins
Elston, Francesca Doing well by doing good: a mixed methods inquiry into the theory, phenomenology, predictors and correlates of Eudaimonic well-being. Caroline Edmonds (DoS)
Aneta Tunariu
Itai Ivtzan
Gamage, Gayani The importance of using reward appeals in health communication messages. Mark McDermott (DoS)
Ken Gannon
James Walsh
Garib-Penna, Sara What cognitive factors predict emotion recognition in children with autism? Derek Moore (DoS)
Rachel George
O’Reilly, Anna Word reading and object naming: phonological encoding in English language production. Melanie Vitkovitch (DoS)
Mark McDermott
Pawson, Chris Peer relations and children’s moral understanding. Derek Moore (DoS)
Brian Clifford
Gavin Nobes
Sandhu, Sima

Care worker motivations: implications for social policy and the future care workforce.

Tom Dickins (DoS)
Matthew Jones Chesters
Ken Gannon
Spiller, Mary Mental imagery in synaesthesia. Ashok Jansari (DoS)
Matthew Jones Chesters
Andy Burton
Yeager, Jennifer

Survivors online: a netnographic analysis of the emerging role played by the internet as a source of support for survivors of sexual violence.

Irina Anderson (DoS)
Mark Rapley

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