The School of Psychology is a thriving research community with a strong tradition of theoretical and applied research integrating trans-disciplinary expertise from experimental, developmental, health, clinical and social psychology. Our research is mainly focused on six key research clusters:

Labs and facilities

Since 2008 we have significantly invested in our facilities and space to allow us to actively utlise the full range of Psychological methods, from brain-scanning to qualitative textual coding, and to enable us to develop new and creative projects. We have well equipped babylab, psychophysiology and brain-scanning laboratories; suites for coding video and audio recording, an extensive library of assesments and tests, and a range of up-to-date equipment, including eye-tracking, EEG, TMS and fNIRs set-ups. We are particularly interested in adapting methods for use in real-world settings.

Psychology 'in action'

We focus our research on using Psychology ‘in action’ and foreground the benefits that Psychology can bring within a changing world. 

Our Partnerships and impact

We work with a range of external organisations as our work has a range of impacts in many fields.  

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