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Dr Bernstock, Penny

Contact details

Position: Head of Sociology and Social Policy Subject Area/Programme Leader BSC Sociology(Professional Development); Co-Director London East Research Institute

Location: Docklands Campus, Room no: EB.2.55

Telephone: 0208 223 2795


Contact address:

School of Law and Social Sciences (LSS) 
University of East London
Docklands Campus
University Way
London E16 2RD

Brief biography

Penny Bernstock is head of the Sociology and Social Policy Subject Area. She leads the BSC(hons) Sociology (professional development programme) and is Co-Director of the London East Research Institute. . She has published extensively on Community Care implementation in the UK and  housing and Urban regeneration in East London. She has previously worked as an Action researcher for the Docklands forum and a Research Officer at the London school of Economics and has played a lead role on equality and diversity issues within the school of Humanities and Social Sciences. She has recently written  book on the housing legacy of London 2012 -  Olympic Housing: A Critical Review.



  • PHD - 'Is the market more responsive to (add in word differentiated)need than bureaucratically planned   services
  • BA(hons) Applied Social Studies, Polytechnic of North London 1989
  • MSC(Econ) Social Policy and Planning, London School of Economics, 1992
  • D (phil) Social Policy and Administration, London School of Economics, 2005. Thesis: 'Is the market more responsive to need than bureaucratically planned services:A case study of service provision for older African- Caribbean people in twoLondon Authorities.'




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Areas of Interest/Summary of Expertise

Research interests include:

  • Urban Regeneration in East London
  • Housing Legacy, London 2012
  • User Empowerment
  • Planning Gain, Value Capture
  • Gentrification
  • Quasi Markets/Mixed Economy of Welfare


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Teaching: Programmes

  •  BSC(hons)Sociology (Professional Development)
  •  BA(Hons) Sociology

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Teaching: Modules


  • IS1205 Markets, States and Individuals
  • IS3224 Housing and Urban Regeneration
  • IS3000 Research and Dissertation Module

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Current research and publications

  • Bernstock, P(2013) Olympic Housing: A Critical Review, Aldershot, Ashgate
  • Bernstock, P; Poynter, G, (2012) The housing Crisis in Poynter G., A. Calcutt, I. MacRury (Eds) (2012) London after Recession, a fictitious capital?,Aldershot, Ashgate
  • Bernstock, P(2012) Conference  Paper: Moving Out: Experiences of residents and travellers decanted to make way for the Olympic Park at London: City of Paradox conference April 2012
  • Bernstock, P,(2013) Tensions and Contradictions in London's inclusive  Housing Legacy in International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development (November 2013)
  • Bernstock, P(2013) Conference Paper to be presented at Olympic Legacies International Conference - impact of Mega Events on Cities, London 2012 Inclusive regeneration or Gentrification –  A case study of Stratford High Street
  • Bernstock, P(2012) Olympic Housing sidelined Olympic Regeneration in Guardian Housing Network 28th July 2012
  • Panel Discussion on the London 2012 legacy Plan – Economics and East London Regeneration, Researching and Evaluating the Games conference, Podium/Department of Culture, Media and Sport, 23rd February 2012
  • Bernstock P, (2010) BBC Thinkpiece on Housing Legacy 5th December 2010
  • Bernstock P,(2009) ‘The Regeneration Game’ in McCrury I, Poynter,G,(2009) Olympic Cities 2012 and the remaking of L, Aldershot, Ashgate ISBN: 0754671003
  • Bernstock, P, (2008) Neighbourhood Watch: Building New Communities: learning Lessons from the Thames Gateway, London, Shelter, June 2008,
  • Bernstock, P, (2008) Homing in on Housing: Affordable Housing in Thames Gateway in Cohen, P, Rustin, M, (2008) ed., London’s Turning: The Prospect of Thames Gateway Aldershot, Ashgate


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Research archive

  • Bernstock, P, (2007) State Versus Market: is the market more responsive to differentiated need: A case study of meals provision for Older African Caribbean people in Social and Public Policy Review, February 2007
  • Bernstock, P, Bovell, V, Lewis, J, (1995) The community Care changes: unresolved tensions in policy and issues in implementation, Journal of Social Policy Jan 1995
  • Lewis, J, with Bernstock, P, Bovell, V, Wookey, F, (1997)with author Implementing Care management in British Journal of Social Work no 1 Feb 1997 pp 5 – 24
  • Bernstock, P, (1993) Race and Housing in London Docklands London, Docklands Forum March 1993
  • Bernstock, P, (1993) The Mixed Economy of Daycare in Tower Hamlets Docklands in Children and SocietyVol 7, no 3 1993 pp290 - 304
  • Bernstock, P, director; (1992) The Other Side of Docklands Thirty minute video working with residents to document impact of LDDC policies on local neighbourhoods, Docklands Forum
  • Bernstock, P, (1991) The Dirty End of the Trickle Down Process in Town and Country Planning, December 1991
  • Bernstock, P, (1989) - Tower Hamlets Womens Festival, one woman Play about treatment of older people on a long stay hospital ward 'Just Another Afternoon'

Conference Papers

  • Bernstock, P, (2009) A house is more than a home, Scottish Chartered Institute of Housing Annual conference, March 2009
  • Bernstock, P, (2008) Squaring the circle: service preference for Older African-Caribbeans and Community Cohesion, Social Policy Association Conference, Edinburgh, June 2008
  • Bernstock, P,(2007) Lunchtime seminar paper for Newham 2012 team on potential housing legacies of London 2012
  • Bernstock, P, (2007) Housing and the Thames Gateway Effect at - Panel on Thames Gateway at British Sociological Association Annual Conference 12th – 14th April 2007
  • Bernstock, P, (2007) London 2012 and it’s housing legacy – Panel on Olympic Legacies at British Sociological Association Annual Conference 12th – 14th April 2007
  • Bernstock, P, (2006) S106 Agreements in Thames Gateway at Thames Gateway Futures, First Symposium for Researchers and Practioners, Thames Gateway Forum, November 2006
  • Bernstock, P, (2006)State Versus Market, Is the market more responsive to differentiated need than bureaucratically planned services: A case study of meals provision for older African Caribbean People at Social Policy Association Annual Conference, Birmingham University, 20th July 2006
  • Bernstock, P, (1998) Race, Diversity and Community Care at International Conference, Professions, Organisations and Markets: Dilemmas for European Health, Education and Social Services, Staffordshire University, April 16th 1998

Research Consultancy

  • Lead consultant: Affordable housing in Thames Gateway:  A study of S106 agreements Commissioned by  Davis Arnold Cooper 2006
  • Lead Consultant: Neighbourhood Watch, study commissioned by Shelter exploring the views of residents on three Thames Gateway developments  2008

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Other scholarly activities

  • Member of Social Policy Association
  • Fellow Higher Education Academy
  • Co-Director London East Research Institute
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy

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