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European Computer Driving Licence

ECDL Success Stories 

Here are some success stories of students from the ECDL program who have triumphed. 


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Improve your IT skills for learning and employment

UEL are now offering all our students the opportunity to gain the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). This qualification will improve your basic IT skills, helping you with your coursework and with getting a job.

  • You have the chance to gain the European Computer Driving Licence. This is an internationally-recognised qualification that will improve your basic IT skills.
  • Although you may have some experience of Word and surfing the net, developing your IT skills further by taking the ECDL will help you with your programme of study.
  • ECDL will also help you gain employment. It demonstrates your IT competency to potential employers many of whom now require applicants to have the ECDL.
  • All you have to do is sign up for ECDL through UEL Direct and you can take the five modules online.
  • It is your passport to effective learning and getting a job.

The 5 ECDL Module

ECDL is designed to cover the basic but key concepts of computing and is structured around the following 5 modules:

  1. Spreadsheets Software - Office 2013
  2. Developing and using Database (Access DB) - Office 2013
  3. Presentation and the effective use of Powerpoint - Office 2013
  4. Improving Productivity using IT
  5. Project Management Software (MS)

It may be necessary to download Java from the web, this is a free application

Everyone can work through the five modules at their own pace. When a module is completed, and the you feel confident and have passed the self-test, you should contact us to arrange for testing. Testing is online, but needs to be invigilated.

Tell us your ECDL experience at UEL click on blog:

Enquiries to or Cedrick Nosa, ECDL Manager, IT Services, ext 6452.

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You will need to Log in to take a Module Practise towards the ECDL qualification using your unique ECDL LOG BOOK Number

Module Practise and Diagnostics (Mock Tests)

To be accessed after completing the learning materials of a module and just before sitting the ECDL Test

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