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Institute for Performing Arts Development

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About IPAD

Welcome to the Institute for Performing Arts Development

The Institute for Performing Arts Development (IPAD) at the University of East London (UEL) has been established as a national centre for excellence with groundbreaking undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in music, theatre, dance and community arts.

More than a collection of degree programmes, or even just a building to house them in, the Institute is a forum for research, debate, creativity and partnership development in the performing arts – a hub for both acting local and thinking global.

Mark Hunter
Director, Institute for Performing Arts Development

We are defined by where we are

East London has a rich and diverse cultural past, present and future. The Institute is not an ivory tower university department, set apart from its local community or its history. Our agenda is one of social, political and performative engagement. Whether it be problematising notions of creative capital or staking out a claim for a cultural Olympic vision, IPAD will champion the creativity of East Londoners and provide pathways into higher education and employment for performers and artists from all our communities.

IPAD Dance

We are defined by how we think

Our vision is informed by a commitment to internationalism. This has an impact on everything we do and is at the heart of our programmes and future programme development. In an era of increasing globalisation, IPAD seeks to define and redefine the place of performance within this changing landscape and to place centre-stage the role of artists

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IPAD Practice as Research Seminar Series 2010-11

The IPAD PaR seminar series has just been confirmed. Click here for more details.

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