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The University’s Personal Accident & Travel Insurance covers all staff and students travelling on pre-approved University business.

In order to be covered by UEL's insurance, all staff, students, volunteers & external examiners travelling on UEL business must complete a 'Request for Approval to Travel' form before confirming any travel arrangements.This form must be signed by the Dean of your School or Director of your Service and the budget holder and must include a completed Risk Assessment for the country or countries you are visiting. This can be done by visiting the www.mylifeline.co.uk  (click on ‘sign in’ & then ‘register here’ using policy #: 0015865161. Search ‘Country Reports’) and reading the country- or city-specific advice available for your destination(s). You can also use the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's travel advice pages.

Once the form has been signed, it should be sent to UEL Travel for final approval by the Vice Chancellor’s Group. A copy of the form will then be retained by UEL Travel for insurance purposes.

You can read further guidance for completing the form and specific advice regarding the financial implications of travelling abroad on the Financial Services website.

Please also read through the links on the left for useful tips before you travel, information about the University's Insurance cover, and what to do in an emergency.


Please note: When opening the forms, you will need to ‘enable this content’ as it will not allow you to fill out the form until you do this. A warning box will appear at the top of the document: ‘Security warning some active content has been disabled’. You need to click on the options box and select ‘enable this content’ and OK. You will then be able to complete the form electronically.


Insurance Officer
Email: c.norman@uel.ac.uk
Tel: 020 8223 6606

For queries about approval for travel or how to fill in the relevant forms:
UEL Travel
Email: Travel@uel.ac.uk
Tel: 020 8223 2288



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