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With more than 16,000 students and 1,500 staff across two campuses the University of East London naturally has a significant environmental impact. What we buy and consume, the energy we use, what we do with our waste and how we interact with each other all contribute to this.

The Sustainability Team leads UEL's drive to improve environmental performance across all of its activities, spreading cultural and behavioural change throughout the organisation. This includes:

  • developing and implementing environmental strategies and policies to achieve stated policy commitments;
  • developing, coordinating and maintaining UEL’s Environmental Management System (EMS) at an ISO 14001 certified level and in accordance with environmental legislation;
  • providing training to any person (e.g. member of staff, student or other relevant stakeholder) whose tasks and responsibilities fall under the scope of the EMS;
  • working on projects that will help to implement UEL’s Environmental Sustainability Policy in areas such as energy and carbon, water, transport, biodiversity and procurement;
  • publicising and communicating UEL’s efforts to reduce its negative environmental impacts; and
  • developing awareness and engagement campaigns for environmental issues throgh staff and student volunteers.

We want you to get involved in helping to reduce UEL’s environmental impact by ‘Doing the Green Thing’. This could be anything from using less energy to recycling more or taking part in our projects and events. The following pages bring together lots of ideas, advice and resources on different environmental issues.

If there’s anything you think is missing or if you would like to find out more about what we do, just get in touch!


Meet the Sustainability Team

The Sustainability Team consists of two permanent members of staff and sits within the Estates and Facilities Service. The team directly reports to UEL's Director of Estates and Facilities.

  • Amy Butterworth Fernandes, Sustainability Manager
  • Anne Spira, Sustainability Projects Officer

In its ambitions to promote environmental sustainability across the UEL estate, infrastructure, teaching and research, the team is supported by a strong network of Environmental Sustainability Champions.

Please get in touch with any comments, questions or queries.

Tel: 020 8223 2042

Also, follow us on Twitter or become a fan of us on Facebook for updates, news and events.

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