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Docklands Campus
UEL Docklands Campus (above) & Stratford Campus (below)

Stratford Campus

Developing UEL Together

East London is rapidly changing. Key East London developments such as the 02 Arena, Excel Exhibition Centre, the Olympic Park, London Thames Gateway, Canary Wharf developments and UEL itself have all contributed to placing London at the centre of global attraction and stimulation ahead of any other city in the world. There are ambitious regeneration and economic growth investment plans in the run up to the Olympics in 2012 that will transform the face and fabric of East London irreversibly.

UEL is integral to this transformation, by both being part of it and taking part in building it. UEL plays a key role in unlocking the knowledge potential, and building the knowledge infrastructure and economy in East London. We are deeply committed to expanding the learning and employment horizons not only of our students, but also of the much wider local communities we serve.

To fulfill our commitment to our students and wider communities, we need to expand our campuses and resources for our (currently) 28,000 students from 120 countries, and continue to raise the bar of expectations and be a source of inspiration for our youth and their families.

Our ambitious strategy 'Transformation for Excellence' for 2010-2020 will help build on everything we have achieved to date. We will need to continue investing in the future . We are now looking to broaden and deepen our partnerships with our alumni, friends and supporters, and local organisations. Please follow this link for more information about UEL

Take a look at our interactive Document which outlines how you can get engaged with UEL HERE.

Be part of the future of our UEL community.

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