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Donna Plakhtienko – Don’t Ask Don’t Get

Donna Plakhtienko – Don’t Ask Don’t

Don’t Ask Don’t Get, which recently launched its wish-list website, has been based at Knowledge Dock Business Centre’s HotHatch since June 2010. Founder, Donna Plakhtienko took part in a programme to support aspiring entrepreneurs to develop a business idea and create a business plan and gain three months free incubation in the HotHatch (Be Your Own Boss). Donna took advantage of this opportunity and has been in the HotHatch ever since! “The best thing has been the support of the business advisor. He has helped with everything including getting the right image for the business, the right name, getting the right information in the promotional material and the messages we are trying to put across.”

Donna’s business idea is linked to the growing trend for ‘giftlists’ at weddings and other celebrations. “The idea of wish lists is becoming more acceptable, several retailers have their own wish list services but they are exclusive to their store. The unique element of Don’t Ask Don’t Get is that you can add anything from any store for any occasion. The majority of wish lists are focused on the wedding market, but we encourage people to make a list for a range of occasions in one site. Our barcode scanning iPhone app is completely unique to the market.”

To work on the companies’ popularity Donna has needed a quiet space away from the chaos of everyday life; she has found this in the HotHatch which allows her to use a computer, and other facilities such as the printers and photocopiers. She explains, “The facilities have been really good, it is nice to have a quiet space to help you focus and concentrate on the business in a professional environment.

“My aim by next year is to have as many people using the site as possible, to be in a better position financially and in the market. Hopefully by next Christmas it will be the norm to create wish lists and Don’t Ask Don’t Get can become a household name.”

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