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What is Moodle?

Moodle is more than just a system for enhancing learning, it forms what is termed a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that has been designed to enhance students' learning experience through providing online features, tools and activities.

When you log in to Moodle at UEL you will see each module you study and, in some cases your programme, has a dedicated "Moodle course". Your modules are listed in the Course List upon entering and there will also be additional resources including the "Welcome to Moodle" and "Academic Integrity Quiz" sites.

Moodle is renowned for being intuitive - it's easy for students to use and pick up on the functions which will be a selection from a number of resources or activities, such as;

  • Providing Files - documents, lecture powerpoints, excel files, saved video clips, etc.
  • Announcements - News items specific to your Modules or Programme of study
  • Discussions - Places to discuss views or share and gain new information with colleagues
  • Multimedia - Providing streaming audio and video
  • Online Quizzes (or "tests") - some modules also do their final exams online too.
  • Online Assignments - These normally use Turnitin and Grademark to provide the tools for online submission of coursework, marking and feedback. You submit your written work online and your tutor will mark and provide feedback - all through UEL's Moodle.

How do I log on to Moodle?

Moodle can be accessed via a link in the 'Learning Systems' widget in UEL Direct. For full instructions see the '' guide.

Where do I go for help with Moodle

If you need help with using Moodle please see our support pages for further information. You can call the IT Helpdesk (020 8223 2468) or arrange to see your School’s Learning Achievement Assistant

Moodle Student Support guides

Moodle Staff Support guides

What staff development sessions are available?

We are providing a number of Moodle staff development sessions. Some are being directed to specific Schools or programmes and others on a more generic basis – for member of staff who wants to attend!  For details, please take a look at the staff development page.

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