Georgeson, Mikey

Contact details

Position: Senior Lecturer

Location: Foundation Studios

Telephone: 020 8223 3223


Contact address:

School of Arts and Digital Industries (ADI)
University of East London
Docklands Campus
University Way
London E16 2RD

Brief biography

Mikey Georgeson (born 1967) is an artist, working in various media. He is a painter and illustrator, who regularly exhibits his work at Sartorial Contemporary Art and other galleries. As ‘the Vessel’, he is songwriter and singer of the cult art-rock band, David Devant and his Spirit Wife. Side projects included Carfax, a collaboration with Jyoti Mishra, and Glam Chops, a Glam Rock band formed with Eddie Argos of Art Brut. Georgeson also performs on his own, as Mr Solo, and in This Happy Band.

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Activities and responsibilities

In 2005, Georgeson began to perform as a solo act. Using the stage name Mr Solo, he accompanied his new songs with backing tapes while playing ukulele, keyboards or acoustic guitar. As Mr Solo, he has released two albums, All Will Be Revealed (2006) and Wonders Never Cease (2009). Mr Solo often performs at live art events, as a member of The School of English Dada and Daniel Lehan's This Happy Band, a group of roving musicians, inspired by medieval troubadours. As part of Margate's 'Dead Season Live Art' festival of 2010, This Happy Band paraded 'around the seaside town, commemorating its past, and the themes of Winter Dormancy, and Glorious Resurrection'.[8] In 2011, in honour of the Royal wedding, he performed with the English School of Dada, at Cabaret Voltaire, the home of Dada, in Zurich. In London, he has appeared at three other live art events: 'Mr Solo' Whitechapel Gallery (2009), 'Return of the Repressed' Portman Gallery (2009) and 'Artist As Scapegoat' Norn Projects (2010).

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