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Reddington, Helen

Contact details

Position: Senior Lecturer

Location: Docklands Campus, Room No: EB.2.68

Telephone: 0208 223 2788


Contact address:

School of Arts and Digital Industries (ADI)
University of East London
Docklands Campus
University Way
London E16 2RD

Brief biography

After a 10-year career as a professional musician that started as bass-player in a Brighton punk band in the late 1970s and ended with being signed to major label RCA, I started to run songwriting workshops on Southwark estates, supplementing my income by writing music for film and TV. After more than ten years lecturing in Commercial Music at the University of Westminster (where I did my PHD) I joined UEL in 2006, publishing my research as the book 'The Lost Women of Rock Music: female musicians of the punk era'. I continue to perform live and record my material, alongside research into women and music technology amongst other things. 

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Activities and responsibilities

Study Skills (Level 1), Songwriting and Production (Level 2), Performing Arts Palcement (Level 3). Link tutor for ICMP. Songwriting and Gender/technology research groups.

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Areas of Interest/Summary of Expertise

Research into punk, subcultures and music scenes; research into women and studio technology in pop; development of songwriting courses in unusual contexts.

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Teaching: Programmes

  • Music Cultures

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Teaching: Modules

  • PA1000 Study Skills;
  • PA 2302 Songwriting and Production;
  • PA3002 Performing Arts Placement

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Current research and publications

  • (Forthcoming) release of The Best of the Chefs archive BBC recordings on Damaged Goods
  • (Forthcoming) publication of The Lost Women of Rock Music: female musicians of the punk era, Equinox (this is a revised paperback edition of the book previously published by Ashgate with further interview material and photographs)
  • Reddington, Helen (2008) The Lost Women of Rock Music: female musicians of the punk era, London:Ashgate
  • Reddington, Helen (2005) The Forgotten Revolution of the Female Punk Musicians in the 1970s, in The Peace Review (subcultures issue), Carfax
  • Reddington, Helen (2004) Hands Off My Instrument, in Randall, Annie (ed) Music, Power and Politics, London:Routledge
  • Reddington, Helen (2003) Lady Punks in Bands: a subculturette? In Muggleton, David (ed) the Post-subcultures Reader, London:Berg
  • Music CDs:
  • McCookerybook, Helen (2010) Take One, Voiceprint
  • McCookerybook, Helen and Stephenson, Martin (2009) Hamilton Square, Voiceprint

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Other scholarly activities

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Performing Arts Society
  • Mechanical Copyright Society
  • Musician's Union

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