Study abroad

Spending time abroad boosts your CV, widens your horizons and opens your mind. We have four Go Abroad schemes, from short trips to a whole academic year, that give you the chance to see the world and discover what you can be.

Discover the world

Have you ever wanted to go abroad as part of your degree? To study in a different continent or live as a local on the other side of the world?

From a full academic year to a short-term study-related trip overseas with friends, as a UEL student you have plenty of opportunities to add value to your degree and to develop as a person by studying internationally.
Adding an international dimension to your degree is hugely rewarding, and potentially life changing.
Discover a new way of life, change your perspective on the world, and broaden your horizons by taking one of UEL’s Education Abroad programmes.

Study abroad

You could study abroad for a term or an academic year with an International Exchange in a choice of five continents.  Or take part in ISEP and study at one of over 100 different US universities. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about a term in Europe, with funding from the Erasmus+ scheme?

Short-term schemes

If you want to go abroad but can’t stay for a full term or year - no problem. Take part in one of our short-term schemes like Going Global, which enables students to participate in part-funded study-related visits overseas, or spend the summer at one of our international summer school partners.

Rae Jenkin
Cass School of Education, Going Global Trip to Iceland and USA

I visited Iceland and New York to look at rehabilitation provision of countries with differing prison systems and the role social workers play. I will never forget being shown around Harlem by a lovely man who, at the end of the day, revealed he too had been inside for 20 years. It is a reminder to be open to people and see that with the help of organisations and advocacy people can go on to lead positive and fulfilling lives. I realised that this is a huge subject for which I barely scratched the surface of, but I learned a lot personally and am most grateful to Going Global for helping make my trip possible.

Our go abroad schemes

Why not take your studies overseas to North or South America, Asia or Australia. Add another dimension as a graduate from UEL with a semester or year at one of more than 10 partner universities or through the International Student Exchange Programme.

Study on the continent through the Erasmus programme or one of UEL’s many partner universities. Experience a new culture and maybe even a new language.

An exciting UEL scheme which allows you to do short study related visit overseas. Go with your class or as an individual and add another dimension to your degree.


    As a UEL student, you have plenty of opportunities to add value to your degree and develop as a person by going international.  You’ll still get all the support you’d expect as a UEL student, but with the experience of interacting with a totally different environment.  Whether you want to immerse yourself in a full-year abroad or travel with friends on a short-term trip part-funded by UEL, the choice is yours.
  • UEL has a range of different schemes to enable you to go international, whether in Europe or outside of Europe; from a weekend away to a full academic year.
    • Study in Europe
      • Erasmus+ - Erasmus+ is the programme funded by the European Commission that encourages student mobility across Europe. Study for a term or a year at one of our European partners and receive a grant of around 250EUR per month.
    • Study outside of Europe
      • International Exchange - Study for either a semester or a full academic year at any one of our international exchange partners, with choices spread over 5 continents.
      • ISEP - Apply through ISEP and open your selection to over 100 US universities. This works like an International Exchange, but by going through ISEP you could study almost anywhere in the US. Pay for the ISEP application and a one-off fee when you leave to have your accommodation and meal-plan managed for you.
    • Short-term International Programmes
      • Going Global – Take part in a short, study-related trip anywhere in the world. Make a proposal for a project you’d like to complete overseas, and receive the support of your tutors and part-funding from UEL. Find out more here.
      • International Summer School – Study at one of our international partners’ summer schools. Immerse yourself in a truly experiential learning environment with weekly field trips that compliment your studies, and gain academic credit to bring back to UEL.
Internationalising your degree adds huge value to your studies, and to you as a person. It can be a truly transformative experience. Prove your adaptability and your openness to new cultures, to new education systems, and to new surroundings by taking part in one of our Study Abroad schemes.

EMPLOYABILITY: The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) report that students who study abroad will benefit from an enhanced CV as they enter the job market, earn higher salaries as a result. Studying abroad proves your ability to work in a fast-changing and truly global world.

You will grow in confidence – 76% of students who studied abroad think that having that international experience gives them the edge when applying for a job. Whether it does or not is irrelevant – you are equipped with that confidence and belief in your own ability. What is proven is that according to the UK Higher Education International Unit [COVENTRY], people who study abroad can earn up to £3000 more than those who don’t.

ACADEMIC BENEFITS: Students who study abroad get higher grades than those who don’t – 87% of study abroad graduates get a 2:1 and higher, compared with only 69% of non-Erasmus+ graduates. And they’ve seen the world whilst achieving these results!

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Learn to become self-reliant, adapt to new environments, make new friends from all over the world, and develop a strong sense of cultural awareness. Plus – this is an amazing opportunity to travel! HEFCE say that “on return the students are more confident, perform better at job interviews, are used to dealing with different people, and learn to adapt to different situations.”

Usually, only undergraduate Level 5 students can study abroad. However, there are some exceptions – check with your programme leader. Students must have a minimum 2:1 average (60%) from Level 4. Business students taking a 4-year ‘placement year’ option can study abroad between Level 5 and 6.

Most students go abroad in their second year, before returning to UEL to complete their degree. However, there are some exceptions, including Law and Social Sciences students. Also, Business students taking a 4-year ‘placement year’ option can study abroad between Level 5 and 6. Check with your programme leader if you aren’t sure.

Most people study abroad in Level 5 or during a placement year between Level 5 and 6 (though there are some exceptions). How your grades are affected depends on what you study. In some cases, the credits you take whilst abroad will transfer back to UEL, but your grades will not.    

This means that the grades you earn whilst abroad will not count towards your final degree classification, and only the grades you earn whilst studying in England will count. But the credits you take will count, meaning that you will still graduate on time, if you study abroad in your second academic year. Your transcript will reflect that you studied abroad in your second year.

Students in the School of Psychology that study abroad will be assessed at UEL (with full online Moodle support)

Students in the Performing Arts and International Development will be graded whilst abroad, and their grades will count towards their degree.    

    We are only partnered to universities whose academic courses match or complement UEL’s courses. This means that you can return without having to add time to your degree.  However, some students choose to take a placement year, which adds a year to your degree but has a substantially lower tuition fee (just £1,350 for the year). This is a great chance to get some work experience, study something a little different and live abroad for a year.

Use this website to explore your options, then set up a meeting with your programme leader to map your UEL course against what is offered abroad. Fill out an application form and submit to

The deadline for applications to study abroad during 2016-17 is Friday 18th March 2016. This is the deadline for all 2016-17 study abroad applications – whether you want to study abroad during autumn 2016, spring 2017, or for the full academic year. To find out when you should plan to go abroad, please speak with your programme leader.

If successful, the Study Abroad Coordinator will nominate you to your chosen destination. At this point, they would ask you to apply to them, before helping you make accommodation and living arrangements.

    Studying abroad doesn’t have to be expensive. You will pay your tuition fees to UEL as normal if you go away for one term. If you go away for a full year you will pay just £1,350 in tuition fees – a significant reduction.  You will receive any student finance you normally receive – and you may receive a slightly higher maintenance loan/grant, depending where you go.  Costs to think about: travel fees, visa fees, accommodation in the host country, meal plan (this is mandatory at some US universities, but not all). The costs of living at most of our partner destinations are generally lower than living in East London.
    There is a means-tested Travel Grant available through Student Finance England. This covers reasonable costs of travel expenses during the academic year, to include compulsory medical insurance and visa costs. The first £303 of travel costs are disregarded so you will receive your travel/visa costs minus £303.  Read more information 
    Student Finance England will send you a Course Abroad Form and a Reimbursement of Travel Expenses 2015-16 form when you tell them you will be studying abroad. Students who receive a UEL bursary may also be entitled to spend this on studying abroad.

This depends on where you go! This is because visa requirements and allowances are different depending on the country you enter. Check with the country where you would like to study.

    Every UEL student who studies abroad is entitled to UEL’s own comprehensive health insurance cover, free of charge. Read more information All students going abroad should make an appointment with their GP to check health requirements. Read the list of vaccinations recommended for each country.

You may need to apply for a visa if you are studying abroad outside of Europe. The Study Abroad team will support your application and help with the steps required to do this.

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